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The Potter’s House Church membership is composed of those persons who have accepted Christ Jesus as their personal savior and have voluntarily associated themselves together, for the purpose of serving God, according to the doctrines and policies of the church.


To be identified with the visible Church of Almighty God is the privilege and sacred duty of all who have been saved from sin. It is required of all those who unite with the Church, that they show evidence of Salvation from sin, by a godly life and by adhering, as much as possible, to the policies of the church as follows:

1. By avoiding evil of every kind, such as profanity, intoxicating liquors, harmful world pleasures, dishonesty, immorality, and all sinful habits.

2. By seeking to do good to both the bodies and souls of men. Feeding, clothing, and visiting those in need as the opportunity presents itself.

3. By being faithful to the known ordinances of God such as regular church attendance, the sacrament of the Lord’s supper, consistant Bible study, daily family prayers, and private devotion.

4. By faithfully supporting the local church through God’s financial plan of tithing and offerings, and by contributing, according to ability, to the various missionary programs of the church.

5. By laboring at all times for the conversion and the salvation of the unsaved through prayer, and personal testimony, and by inviting them to the church, with a desire to lead them to Christ.

6. By working together in harmony and unity with the pastor and the membership for the advancement and growth of the visible church and being loyal at all times to the church, its pastor, and its policies. In all things showing forth an attitude of Christian love until Jesus comes.